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The Importance of Telecommunications Infrastructure

25 Jun telecommunications infrastructure

Globally, telecommunications impact how we are able to connect with each other, communicate, and conduct business. In today’s world, there is almost nothing as important as reliable communication. 

Reliable communication depends on reliable telecommunications infrastructure, empowering people and businesses alike to communicate by phone, internet, wired and wireless connections, and more. Only through this infrastructure do we have the ability to communicate with our neighbours locally, across the country, and around the globe.

As a one-stop-shop for telecommunications infrastructure solutions throughout Queensland, GNB Energy provides management and execution of a wide range of projects — from electrical and civil to telecommunication infrastructure for contractors, property developers, and government entities alike. Telecommunication is the way of the future and requires experts to effectively execute and manage the systems that allow us to communicate.

But, don’t just take our word for it. Let’s talk about some of the primary offerings of telecom infrastructure and how each facet of this industry shapes the world at large. Telecommunication infrastructure provides a foundation for which all of our communication takes place, making the installation and maintenance of this infrastructure a top priority around the world.

Telecommunications Services

Telecommunication infrastructure is the pathway through which all Internet traffic flows and can include telephone wires, cables, satellites, and mobile technology. Even an electric grid can be used to relay internet traffic through power-line technology.


Fixed Networks

In general, fixed-line usually refers to wired networks for telecommunications. A fixed line is traditionally a connection provided by a cable that allows a user to make phone calls or connect to the internet. Copper cables and, more recently, fibre optics are used to run physical network connections that enable computers and users to connect with each other.

While technology has continued to advance beyond fixed networks, they still hold an important place in telecommunications infrastructure as the foundation for most connections. GNB Energy is committed to the continued development of this enterprise through civil excavation, trenchless technologies and continued testing of fixed network options.

Wireless Networks

Unlike fixed networks, wireless networks have no physical cables that connect them. A wireless network sends and receives data over radio frequencies. Wireless networks eliminate the need for fixed wires and allows devices to communicate and compute without being physically connected to one another. Even without running cables, wireless networks require many layers of infrastructure to function, including the erection of towers, antennae, rigging, power installations, and fibre optic installation, testing, and maintenance.

Our extensively trained and experienced riggers have worked across many telco networks including Telstra, Optus, TPG, Vodafone and mine sites throughout qld.

Our expertise also includes structural upgrades for Axicom and defence. Our special projects team combined skills include structural welding, mechanics, cabling, electrician, commercial helicopter pilot, all vehicle licences, advanced rigging and crane operations, civil machinery and military grade training and operational planning.

GNB Energy is Overhead Energex accredited and works with fibre trained linesmen in order to provide Queensland with reliable, integrated wireless network solutions. Our staff undergo continuous training to stay abreast of new innovations and updates in technology, allowing us to provide the best service and installation possible.

Defence/Aerospace Fibre Networks

Fibre optic networks transmit information by sending coded pulses of light through long optical fibres. These fibres are arranged in bundles and used to transmit light signals over long distances as coded information.

These features make fibre optic solutions ideal for the defence and aerospace industries by providing secure, lightweight, low power data transmission.

GNB Energy offers end to end fibre optic managing manufacturing, testing, installations, and aftermarket services.

Additional Services Provided by GNB Related to Telecommunications

Though we’ve discussed the core fundamentals of telecommunication infrastructure and its importance, GNB specialises in a wide range of services related to wired, wireless, and fibre optic communication solutions.

Other services include:

  •  Civils excavation and trenchless technologies
  •  Exchange and data centre Installations
  •  Telstra P1 access
  •  Telstra Interconnect Duct Access (DCAF)
  •  Civil feasibility studies and boundary surveying
  •  Fusion splicing and OTDR testing
  •  Optus FAD 1 and 3
  •  Greenfield macro and small cell build
  •  Civil construction
  •  Concrete installations and tower erection
  •  End to end integration and commissioning, small and macro cell
  •  Rigging, steel work, heavy lift, crane
  •  AC and Dc power installations
  •  Transmission, MTX upgrades and installations
  •  PIM testing
  •  Antenna Azimuth setting and report
  •  OTDR fibre testing, raw and PDF reports, fault finding
  •  Call testing and reports
  •  Telstra Small and macro cell fault finding and maintenance
  •  ITS and fibre installations
  •  In depth knowledge and experience installing as TMRS234

Investing in the future of telecommunications

GNB’s commitment to infrastructure goes beyond what you can see and touch. While sometimes intangible, telecommunication plays an important role in modern society and our ability to communicate with one another. GNB aims to provide comprehensive civil, electrical, and telecommunication infrastructure solutions throughout Queensland because we know that these technologies together create the foundation for our future.

Whether you need infrastructure at busy city sites or remote locations, our highly qualified technicians have a proven track record of operating in a wide variety of environments that allow for innovative and creative design solutions.

For more information or for help getting your project underway, contact us today.

For more information or for help getting your project underway



  • "professionalism, integrity and commitment to our Project outcomes"

    Boeing recently encountered a high priority need to establish fibre optic cable at one of our Operational sites. The time-critical nature of this need initiated a search across a range of suppliers who could satisfy very stringent requirements for schedule, flexibility, cost and quality. It very quickly became apparent to us that Craig McIntosh’s team at GNB Energy provided the best value option for our needs. From the moment Craig and his team signed on to the task, they never disappointed. Communication was fantastic between us; their clarity and honesty about the timeline and risks were outstanding…this ensured that we could continue effectively juggling the key Programmatic requirements on our side. Further to this, the completion of the task by Craig and his GNB Energy team during trying conditions went perfectly. On behalf of the Boeing Team, we like to thank GNB Energy for the professionalism, integrity and commitment to our Project outcomes.


  • "Looking forward to our next project with you"

    Thank you for the magnificent work that your company has carried out for Toowoomba Second Range Crossing. Your professionalism and outstanding commitment has enabled us to deliver this massive project with zero incidents in the electrical space, despite the massive cables that you guys had to pull. I appreciate the long nights you guys willingly spent by our side when we needed!


  • "GNB are the crew to get things done!"

    GNB were engaged on the GUN project to provide civil electrical installation works as well as electrical maintenance works for road lighting and ad-hoc ITS works including fibre splicing and testing. All members of the team worked in a professional manner, responded quickly to requests and went above and beyond to provide quality best for project outcomes.


  • "Exceptional people to work with."

    Quality, Safety, and something more rare in the industry, genuine interest and commitment to deliver. GNB Energy have gone above and beyond on more occasions than I can remember.


  • "I thoroughly recommend GNB"

    GNB Energy worked proactively to troubleshoot design & construction issues well in advance of onsite work be conducted. Goldfields would have no hesitation in recommending GNB Energy to other land developers, small or large.


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