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Residential and Commercial Property Poles

Did you know that most private electricity power poles reach the end of their serviceable lifespan after 30-50 years?

This is usually due to structural issues caused by weather, termites, rot and corrosion.

GNB Energy was formed in 2014 and has since been used by civil contractors, property developers and government entities alike.

Our vision was to become a one-stop-shop for all your comprehensive electrical, civil and telecommunication infrastructure solutions throughout Queensland.

Our promise to you

We offer a complete start-to-finish private property pole service. With a highly-skilled team to complete your electrical project, you can rely on GNB Energy to take ownership of all required plans prior to commencement of property pole installation.


Our services include:

  • Power line pole removal
  • Power pole replacement
  • Relocation of private property poles
  • Relocation of power lines, including ground wire.


GNB Energy equipment and employees at a property installing a property pole. Mountains in the background with bright blue sky

Triple certification

GNB Energy is triple-certified under Southpac Certification for Quality, OHS and Environment, as well as being Energex and Ergon-rated contractors.

This means our team are not only fully-trained in electricity supply, but they complete projects quickly and efficiently, whilst always ensuring high safety standards and a responsible work environment.

southpac certification for
  • Quality
  • OHS
  • Environment

Most private property poles across Queensland are reaching the end of their serviceable lifespan after 30-50 years and are subject to structural issues due to weather, termites, rot and corrosion.

What are private power poles?

Private power poles are privately-owned power poles within a property’s boundary that carry the overhead powerlines to someone’s home and any sheds, pumps or other buildings on their property.

Privately-owned poles can be wooden poles or metal poles, but are predominately located on properties that lack underground power supply and require support power lines to be supplied to the property overhead.


Who is responsible for private power poles?

The maintenance of private power poles is the responsibility of a property owner. Poles located outside the property boundary are usually the responsibility of the Energex electricity network and can be identified by a unique number on the side of the pole.

Find out more about the electrical responsibilities of a property owner here.


How to check your power pole?

Property power poles and their corresponding transmission lines should be checked by a licenced electrician at least every five years.

Signs of pole damage

For property owners with private poles, make sure you look out for the following:

  • poles leaning excessively
  • evidence of rotting or corrosion at ground level or just below
  • electrical fittings or wires, broken or pulling away from the pole
  • cross arms that are splitting, loose or sagging
GNB Energy employees in high-vis on a property with mountains in the background installing a property pole with a yellow machine
  • "professionalism, integrity and commitment to our Project outcomes"

    Boeing recently encountered a high priority need to establish fibre optic cable at one of our Operational sites. The time-critical nature of this need initiated a search across a range of suppliers who could satisfy very stringent requirements for schedule, flexibility, cost and quality. It very quickly became apparent to us that Craig McIntosh’s team at GNB Energy provided the best value option for our needs. From the moment Craig and his team signed on to the task, they never disappointed. Communication was fantastic between us; their clarity and honesty about the timeline and risks were outstanding…this ensured that we could continue effectively juggling the key Programmatic requirements on our side. Further to this, the completion of the task by Craig and his GNB Energy team during trying conditions went perfectly. On behalf of the Boeing Team, we like to thank GNB Energy for the professionalism, integrity and commitment to our Project outcomes.


  • "Looking forward to our next project with you"

    Thank you for the magnificent work that your company has carried out for Toowoomba Second Range Crossing. Your professionalism and outstanding commitment has enabled us to deliver this massive project with zero incidents in the electrical space, despite the massive cables that you guys had to pull. I appreciate the long nights you guys willingly spent by our side when we needed!


  • "GNB are the crew to get things done!"

    GNB were engaged on the GUN project to provide civil electrical installation works as well as electrical maintenance works for road lighting and ad-hoc ITS works including fibre splicing and testing. All members of the team worked in a professional manner, responded quickly to requests and went above and beyond to provide quality best for project outcomes.


  • "Exceptional people to work with."

    Quality, Safety, and something more rare in the industry, genuine interest and commitment to deliver. GNB Energy have gone above and beyond on more occasions than I can remember.


  • "I thoroughly recommend GNB"

    GNB Energy worked proactively to troubleshoot design & construction issues well in advance of onsite work be conducted. Goldfields would have no hesitation in recommending GNB Energy to other land developers, small or large.


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